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  Personalized Monitoring
We can customize our operating procedures to meet your needs. Our standard operating procedures include verification of the alarm with proper identification,
police or fire dispatch as needed, notification to the contact list and follow-up with
the authorities.
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In the event of a burglary alarm, we can verify the cause of the alarm using pre-alarm recorded video.
This helps reduce false alarms and allows us to give the responding authorities more information, which usually results in a faster response.

Hold Up:
In a hold up situation, we remain silent and dispatch immediately while recording cameras. Operators relay details to authorities as they happen.

Open/Close (O/C)
Commercial systems report arming (closing) and disarming (opening) and log to the account history.
Log only O/C signals log to the account history without any schedule or operator intervention. Reports can be mailed on a weekly or monthly basis or accessed and printed from E-Access.
Supervised – O/C signals report based on a predetermined schedule. In the event an opening or closing is missed, we notify the contact list. Burglary and trouble conditions are also included with this service.

Video & Sight
The concept is simple - view, record, and retrieve video anywhere, anytime! CCTV cameras connected to a video transmission device can be viewed remotely using software and standard phone lines. The protected site’s cameras as well as video storage devices can be accessed remotely by our monitoring center.
With sight comes valuable, detailed information that helps us verify situations and determine appropriate actions.

A separate device can be added so customers can alert the monitoring center if they encounter a suspicious person. Using the two way audio speakers and microphones, our operators communicate with the customer to determine necessary actions. This also alerts everyone that the site is being watched and recorded.

Access anytime from any computer logged onto the Internet Virtual real time information on your accounts.E-Access is our Internet access to account information and event activity.

View database information and activity anywhere, anytime. Make database changes to update account information. Answer customer questions immediately without having to call the Central Station.

Print reports on demand
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