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In today’s world, securing your company means looking beyond alarms, monitoring and access control. We must be as vigilant in helping meet your business objectives as we are in addressing your security needs.

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Your business faces may risk, and we believe, we must take a completely integrated approach in helping you assess your security needs, because only then can we help you accurately address them.

There are a number of applications that support the need to increase security and reduce operating cost for each business. The integrated system provides a number of ways to meet the facility’s security needs and/or requirements.


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Loss Prevention
Includes fire and life safety, robbery, holdup, theft and vandalism.

Risk Management
Includes intellectual property loss, workplace violence, harassment, drugs in the workplace, sabotage, industrial espionage and business interruption.

Business Operational Management

Includes productivity, efficiency, cost controls, customer service, marketing support and compliance.



GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

The Power of Mobile Tracking

  • Locate or track teen and elderly drivers for enhanced peace of mind
  • Manage company vehicles and employees more efficiently
  • Locate and recover missing vehicles
  • Track for unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Engine on and off reporting
  • Receive tracking information on any internet-enabled computer or cell phone
  • Ability to establish multiple “Alert Zones” to trigger alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a defined area
  • Email or text alerts sent when a vehicle exceeds a user-defined speed limit

Intrusion Detection
When the building is closed, the system senses unauthorized entry, sounds a local alarm and notifies a monitoring station. After normal business hours, the system watches over the entire facility. During normal business hours, the system protects selected departments where occupancy is not required.

Door Access Control
The system restricts access through doors into high-security departments based on the user, his/her authority, the armed state of the department, and the time of day. The system can keep doors unlocked during normal business hours, and automatically lock them at closing time. An individual user can have varying rights of authority based upon the security and access requirements of each department.

CCTV Cameras
The system effectively integrates with camera systems. A user can centrally view and record activity in selected departments. Security Connection offers the right surveillance options to fit your application, small or large.

Fire Alarm
The system monitors the building for smoke, heat, activation of a manual pull station, water flow, and fire supervisory devises. The system sounds local alarms that promote quick and efficient evacuation to safety. The system can also notify a monitoring station that can dispatch authorities with specific information about the critical event.


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