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  Today security is more than just burglar and fire alarms. Your new or current
security could be improved or enhanced by implementing additional technologies.
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Experience and Knowledge
It is critical to select a provider that has experience in security integration and video system installation to help ensure security system expansion in the future. In addition, select a provider that can help determine unique needs by performing a security review. This review will help identify risks and inventory current system components. Once the review and inventory are complete, a knowledgeable security representative can help establish goals for scalability, flexibility and integration.

It is important to choose a security provider that has an established track record in offering reliable video security products and lifecycle services, such as installation, repair and maintenance of the equipment. Over the years, service and maintenance plans may save companies and homeowners time and money.

Since network video systems are modular, a provider should be able to configure networked video systems that can be scaled as needed. A good provider should also have configuration and implementation capabilities to integrate other security technologies, such as intrusion, access control and fire.

Part of our job at Security Connection is to recognize areas of risks for your business or home and offer solutions on how to protect your family, employees, your assets and yourself. Whether you are concerned about risk management or loss prevention, this information should help you understand some of the products available and what solution works best for your business or home.

For Business
Access control, closed circuit television (CCTV) and digital storage are some of the technology solutions that many of today’s companies need if they are going to reduce the changing risks they face.

For Homes
Along with intrusion and fire now you can take advantage of the remote view camera system that lets you look in on your home any time while you are away.


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